Links to the important things


  • Priority Wishlist Group – everything is properly labelled.
  • Frozen group (any frozen sprite missing in this group is needed)
  • Cb rares and uncommons (my goal is to have at least three cb pairs of each breed – three males and three females. Any breed missing those numbers is welcome.)(as for unbreedables, I aim to have two adults of each kind, currently I am missing a couple of dinos).(The cb vampires in this group are the ones without a ‘bitten by’ ancestry only.)
  • Cb Commons: same as above, however I’m not interested in taking fresh eggs, I’ll only take incuhatchable eggs, ER eggs, ungendered hatchies with proof of influence or gendered hatchies. Also, cb seasonals and cb bsas are in a separate group, but I always like them!



Even gen lineages (aside from the holiday checkers):

Stair lineages:

Tips for New/Lost players